F&F Composite Group, Inc. is the manufacturer of pultruded fiberglass products.  Fiberfence® is a fiberglass fencing system that include fiberglass gates.  The styles and types of fiberglass fence and gates are:  1) Privacy that looks like wood, 2) Ornamental that looks like wrought iron or steel and 3) Ranch that looks like wood.  There are all types of gates such as sliding gates, swing gates, cantilevered gates.

Privacy “wood look” Fence – that imitates wood fence is offered in a variety of standard and custom color.   Choose from 4″ or 6″ wide vertical pickets.  The panels are assembled using aluminum pop rivets.  The panels and/or pickets are attached to any regular post that might be used for a wood fence, but we recommend steel or fiberglass matching posts.

Privacy (wood look fence) may be ordered in any height with panels in any width or ordered by the pieces.   Standard colors for privacy are:   brown, beige, gray, taupe, black and white.  Ther are wood grain looks using dark wood grain (brown background) and light wood grain (beige background) or taupe.

Standard heights of the privacy wood look are 6′ and 8′.   An assortment of gates are available in any height and width.  Standard gates would be 4′, 5′ wide for walk gates and 10′, 12′ driveway swing gates, 25′ to 35′ sliding gates.  There are many other types of standard gates and custom gates available.  Call or e-mail to discuss your design request if it is non-standard item to get acceptable load values for your design. See Resource page for a product data sheet.

Ornamental “steel or iron look” Fence – that imitates steel, iron or aluminum typical fence, offered in black as a standard and any custom color.  Standard heights are 4′, 6′, 8′ heights in standard 8′ width panels.   The standard dimensions for Fiberfence components are: 3″ x 3″ x 1/4″ wall fiberglass posts, 2″ x 2″ top and bottom horizontal rails with 1/4″ wall, intermediate rails 2″ x 3/4″ x 1/4″ wall, 1″ tubular vertical pickets.   Standard gates are 4′, 5′ wide for walk gates and 10′, 12′ wide for driveway swing gates, 25′ to 35′ sliding gates. Many other types of gates are available. Call or e-mail to discuss your design request if it is non-standard item to get acceptable load values for your design.

This ornamental “steel or iron fence look” is offered in flat top style, spear top style with finials and spear top style with flat button tops.  You can create a sphere with graduating spears or alternate your spears in length to create a design or leave them all the same height.   Black is the standard colore for the spear top styles.  Any custom color is available for flat top style.  The panels are secured to the posts using composite shoes and screws.   For black color the post caps are composite black.  For any other color, the post caps are aluminum coated to match the fence.  See Resource page for cut sheet.

Ornamental Fiberfence® 

The panels are connected to the post using composite shoes and self-tapping screws. Installation is the same for Fiberglass post as it would be for a steel or iron fence, or wood fence, typically 2’ in the ground for anything up to 6’ tall and 3’ in the ground for anything above 8’ tall.

  • Can add rails as requested and can change the spacing of the pickets and change the spacing of the rails
  • Puppy bars are an available choice
  • Can build a fence as tall as needed to the inch! Can configure fence panels to fit unusual spaces such as over a ledge to the ground to meet another fence and connect.
  • All types of gates are available: pedestrian walk gate, swing gates, sliding gates and cantilevered gates, automatically opening or manually operated
  • Width of the panels may be changed to whatever width is necessary for the project, custom ordered
  • All panels may be cut on site using fine carbide or other fine tip saw to fit the space
  • Typical installations require the purchase of 8’ long panels and cut to fit on site

The panels are connected to the post using composite shoes and self-tapping screws. Installation is the same for Fiberglass post as it would be for steel or wood, typically 2’ in the ground for anything up to 6’ tall and 3’ in the ground for anything above 8’ tall. See Resource page for cut sheets.


Introducing our patented fiberglass composite decking system with patented skid-proof powder coated surface with ultra UV protection that lasts!  Introduced of January of 2018.  Call our offices to learn more!  We will have exciting options for decking!  Standard design and colors are brown, brown with woodgrain look, taupe, gray.  Skid proof coating.  UV protection that lasts!

Fiberfence Ranch®

This type of fiberglass composite fence is configured using 1″ x 4″ x 1″ fiberglass channel railing and fiberglass “t” posts.  Each of the ranch-rails are composed of a 3-sided fiberglass channel with the face of the channel being viewed on the outside and this is connected to either the “T” post or the 3” x 3” standard post.  The rails are sold in standard 8 ft long lengths.  The Fiber Ranch can be configured in 4 ft, 5ft or 6ft heights by adding rails and spacing.  Two rails is common for 4 ft tall, 3 rails for 5 ft tall,  and 5 rails for 6 ft tall.  You decide how you want your fence configured, spaced, the number of rails and the color! See Resource page for FiberRanch product info sheet.

FIBER-Ranch Fiberfence® Cattle, Horse, Hog Pen Gates

Along with FiberRanch fencing we offer standard or custom sized enclosures for Cattle, Horses, and hogs.  Fiberfence  pens are the highest quality and strength found today! Pens may be ordered in standard heights of 4′, 5′, 6′.  These pens may be ordered assembled in sections or unassembled as a kit with posts and hardware.  

In addition to the pens available, we also offer farm gates in an assortment of standard sizes,but you may design your farm gates and we will produce them for you!  Gate Hinges and Latch Hardware will be quoted upon request for each set of gates and pens.  We request that you submit a simple line drawing with your proposed design, height and showing gate(s).  


FiberEdge patented landscape edging is made of fiberglass composite.  It is sold nationwide through Homedepot.com, Amazon.com, Walmart.com and other hardware stores.  Original FiberEdge is offered in varying colors and widths.  Fiberglass Edging 4″ x 20′ long sections in brown, black or green color and, 3 ½” x 20’ long in black color.  A 35 year warranty applies to these landscape edgings.  There are other FiberEdge landscape edgings available such as Designer woodgrain look and two different lighted FiberEdge landscape edgings. See below.

FiberEdge® Solar

Solar powered LED lighted fiberglass landscape edging is sold nationwide.  Look for it at Walmart.com and Amazon.com.  This edging is sold in 5” x 20’ lengths with plug lights that can be plugged into the internal wire system embedded into the edging.  It is operated by using solar powered LED light plugs, caps and stakes.  Patented.  See www.fiberedgelandscape.com.

FiberEdge® Solar Lighted Sign Board

FiberEdge Solar Lighted Street Sign Board is an accessory for street signs.  It is solar powered lighting for the street sign.  Easy to install with two screws!  It will turn on automatically at night and shut off automatically in the day.  For more information go to the contact page of this website and submit your inquiry.


ElectroEdge LED lighted fiberglass edging is a composite edging that is weatherproof.   It is sold nationwide through Walmart.com, and Amazon.com.  This edging is sold in 5” x 20’ long, black color, with LED light plugs, caps and stakes included.  See www.electro-edge.com.


100% Pultruded Fiberglass!

See Resource page for product data sheets and other information.