Residential & Estate

The Fiberfence® ranch fiberglass fence is the new standard in place of traditional fencing materials and offers the same decorative style, yet outperforms wood, vinyl, and steel on virtually any residential or estate application. Fiberfence® can be easily installed in-ground, on cement, and even directly in water.

Fiberfence® is a patented pultruded fiberglass product that is extraordinarily strong and can be configured to any design, manufactured in any color, and backed by a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Our waterproof fence is offered in two standard colors – white or brown – and custom colors are available.

When you are looking to improve your property, our ranch composite fencing is a perfect choice. Contact Fiberfence® today to discuss our available options for your residential or commercial facility. We will help you develop the perfect fencing around your perimeter to protect your property and keep your livestock safe.

  • Three times the tensile strength of steel
  • Lightweight compared to steel or iron
  • Weatherproof & non-conductive
  • Does not conduct heat and cold
  • Does not expand or contract.
  • Bug and animal proof
  • Will not rust, crack or peel
  • Maintenance-free