Stronger than Steel! Weatherproof! Waterproof! Lifetime Warranty! Fiberfence Fiberglass Fencing Systems



Fiberglass Fence

Fiberfence® patented advanced technology pultrusion fiberglass fencing systems, the ultimate in composite and maintenance free fencing!

Fiberfence composite fiberglass fencing is a premium quality fence solution with the ultimate in strength and beauty. It is offered in standard looks and sizes as well as any custom look and size. It is 3 times stronger then steel pound for pound, non-conductive, weatherproof, waterproof, chemical proof, fire resistant and has a lifetime warranty. Fiberfence is a one source, one of a kind fence. It imitates wood or imitates steel! Since it is three times the tensile strength of steel, waterproof, weatherproof, non-conductive and corrosion free, it makes a perfect basis for any security application and for long term! Any project that you need security, strength, chemical resistance and fire-resistence, Fiberfence is the right choice! Imagine a fence that holds up to tornadoes! Steel will bend and twist in a tornado, but not Fiberfence. Steel will contract and expand in heat and cold, but not Fiberfence. It has a barcol hardness of over 50! Others pale in comparison.

Fiberfence is one of many F&F Composite Group, Inc. products. There are many others, all patented. You may have heard about FiberEdge fiberglass landscape edging. You are just a step away from permanent landscape and fence and solutions. Electro-edge, FiberEdge, FiberEdge Solar Lighted LED landscape edging, FiberEdge Raised Garden Bed Kit and much more. See and find that your world does not have to attract bugs and deteriorate. With FiberEdge you can count on your garden and landscape to have strong and beautiful edging for minimum of 35 years on the landscape edging and a lifetime on the fiberglass fencing, that is limited lifetime warranted.

FiberEdge is made from pultruded fiberglass. This fiberglass composite landscape material has flexibility and no memory. FiberEdge also has the same strength factor and resilience of Fiberfence with respect to its functional difference. This means that you can install Fiberedge and then remove years later, re-install in another location without affecting the shape and look of the product. FiberEdge has been on the market for 19 years and sold in major retail outlets around the world. FiberEdge is the most durable and cost effective effective way to edge your landscape and garden. It looks like steel but without the worry of rust or bending and creasing. You install it and then never worry about needing edging for that area again! Its permanent and has a 35 year limited manufacturers warranty.

Fiberfence and FiberEdge are joined by FiberDeck! Fiberglass decking material that has all the strengths, features and benefits of Fiberfence. It will not rot, is 3 times the tensile strength of steel, maintenance free, non-conductive, skid proof and waterproof! FiberDeck is joined with Fiberfence when using Fiberfence railing! Its hard to imagine a decking that is quiet, comfortable, waterproof and will never need staining or painting. FiberDeck is super strong and will add value to your home, balcony, dock, or wherever you need this superior decking. You are sure to install a matching Fiberfence railing around your beautiful new FiberDeck to complete the new clean look of your fiberglass deck or balcony. FiberDeck can be used to make a wall or fence! it is very thick and substantial for its strength and durability. Offered in earth tone colors and woodgrain patterns.

FiberDeck is awesome for many reasons. It is cool to the touch, light weight yet stronger than steel. Comfortable walking space for outdoor fun! No worrying about burning your feet on hot wood or steel! No worries about chemical applications to keep wood from corroding! No worrying about getting clothing or feet stained and dirty from the annual wood protective oils and greases contained in the wood protective coating. Just the “ahhh” affect when you enjoy the quiet of your outdoor area with the new FiberDeck fiberglass decking. It is offered in Statesman Gray or Remmington Woodgrain colors. Be the first to show off your maintenance free decking! The birds will flock to it for cooling their feet and sleeping the afternoon away!

FiberDeck will add comfort and joy to your backyard experience. Imagine taking a water hose and spraying off dirt or spills. Accidentally spill a chemical or paint? Just use common cleaning materials to remove. FiberDeck will remain the same year after year. You can enjoy hours of playing or sitting on this deck in comfort.

F&F Composite Group Inc. designs, patents, manufactures and sells directly its premium fiberglass products. Contact us with your questions and submit your ideas directly to

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Stronger Than Steel

Our fence is three times stronger than steel making it almost indestructible and extremely secure. There simply is nothing else like it out there.

why fiberfence

Maintenance Free

Fiberfence is weatherproof, waterproof, will not rust or rot, non-corrosive, will not crack, warp or peel and is termite and bug proof and highly UV resistant!

why fiberfence

Lifetime Warranty

Fiberfence products are backed by a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Customers can depend on a permanent fence


F&F Composite Group, Inc. manufactures a variety of patented products in the pultrusion fiberglass industry
including the patented Fiberfence product line.

Fiberfence stands apart from all other fence. It has a lifetime warranty is made of a specially formulated fiberglass material. It is maintenance free, 3 times the strength of steel. It is a fence product that looks like steel or looks like wood. It has superior strength and longevity. It is one of a kind, and sole sourced.

F&F has the perfect solution for major fencing needs in our world of technology. Fiberfence is non-conductive, stronger than steel. It is weatherproof and holds up to any kind of weather, including tornadoes! There are a wide variety of applications and uses for Fiberfence across a large spectrum of industries and governmental entities.

Whether the needs are for security, stability, non-conductive, perimeter, decorative, utility, space definition, safety or longevity, Fiberfence has it covered!

Fiberfence has nationally known notable customers such as the FAA, Alcoa, Kroger Corporation, Medline, City of Fort Worth, City of Garland, City of Rowlett, City of Hurst, City of Klein and City of Katy, Texas and more. For a partial list of signature customers CLICK HERE


“Before we had Fiberfence (around these transformers for the Grid) you could not walk past this area. This fence saves lives!” Brad B.

- Installer for Daniels Construction

“Thank you for the excellent job on Fire Station 39. Fiberfence (fiberglass fencing) has all the utility and features that we look for in a durable fence. It’s maintenance free, pleasing to the eye, has a lifetime warranty and utilizes our City Funds in an efficient way. J. Durham”
See information on Local tab regarding DFW installations.

- City of Fort Worth, TX

The Fiberfence we purchased for the KONA International Airport VOR project is a great product! The fence doesn’t interfere with electronic signals, lightweight, easy to install, will not deteriorate, requires no painting, great for use in a tropical environment, and the cost is reasonable.

- Federal Aviation Agency

Thank you for a job well done! Working with your team to understand the product, testing in our environment, and getting the project bid and complete, was all an easy accomplishment. We’re excited that this is the last fence we’ll have to install and paint in the next century.

- City of Brenham, TX

Fiberfence is a wonderful maintenance free product we highly recommend, and F&F has been great to work with on our large-scale projects. Fiberfence is a dollar saving solution for our customers. It saves company and tax payer money and that counts.

- Prime Construction

Fiberfence is just beautiful! I have lived in my home for over fifty years and Fiberfence brought new life to it! It’s worry free and a joy to own. It really made my house come alive!

- Residential Customer