Fiberglass Fence

Pultrusion fiberglass manufacturing is the process by which fiberglass products are made using a straight line 100-foot-long machine. Various glass products, such as roving that appear like large white ropes, are pulled through a resin bath loaded with the chemical formula to make our patented composite products. The combination of glass, resin and other components are pulled through steel dies heated over 400 degree Fahrenheit and are moved slowly through the die until it exits the die a cool, perfectly formed product, such as privacy or ornamental pickets, rails, and others. It runs continuously until it is cut and assembled according to your specifications. F&F has many products. Fiberfence is the patented premium fence product line.

All styles of Fiberfence have a lifetime warranty and are offered in standard and custom colors. All have UV protection in the process for long lasting color. Color is manufactured throughout the product. After manufacturing, it is cut and assembled to your specification. Ordinarily, there is no coating applied to Fiberfence privacy look style. However, ornamental style has optional coating applied for sheen which bonds to the fiberglass and adds even more UV protection and beauty. Aspects of color and sheen can be adjusted per your request.