Fiberfence Temporary Fence Non-Conductive

temp fence non-conductive
New Fiberglass Temp Fence Patented 2018


We are pleased to announce our new patented Fiberfence Temp Fence. It is light weight yet pound for pound 3 times the tensile strength of steel! Fiberfence Temp Fence has all the qualities of regular Fiberfence which makes it a perfect fit for a Temp Fence. This Temp Fence is extremely durable, non-conductive, easy to carry and set up and will last for many years to come for every job site it is carried.

We were made aware of the safety issues surrounding working with electrical grid components and using a steel temp fence. Our customer was looking to lessen risk of injury on work sites. Our company then began a process to design and formulate a temp fence that would be light weight but sturdy, weather resistant and totally non-conductive.

We did it!

Shown in the photo is the first install of Fiberfence Temporary Fence around a transformer used for the Grid. Our fencing has contemporaneously become popular for uses that require non-conductivity. There are many projects in the works for this purpose right now. Using non-conductive fiberglass fencing can be a life saver, important to safety.

For more information about other Fiberfence products, please visit our Resource tab on the Home page and find downloadable drawings, specifications, cut sheets or product data sheets for our standard products. F&F Composite Group, Inc. is a sole source provider of patented fiberglass fencing systems. All our Fiberfence products are non-conductive, weatherproof, waterproof, three times the tensile strength of steel, do not rot or corrode, does not require painting or staining, will not rust and does not expand or contract.

4 Responses to “Fiberfence Temporary Fence Non-Conductive”

    • Mr. Campbell, please contact me on to discuss further your needs to Temporary Fiberfence as well as possibly permanent Fiberfence for your power plant. It is very protective, non-conductive, 3 times the strength of steel, weatherproof, waterproof, will not crack or peel, will not warp, will not expand or contract. Thank you. I wrote to you sometime ago and have not heard back. Just checking. Suzanne Seely

    • Mr.Campbell, you can email me at Wanted to update you. We are selling power plant enclosures non-conductive privacy and non-conductive ornamental all over the U.S. We are also selling non-conductive enclosures for cell towers here and in Canada. Another product that is just about to take off in a big way is our Fiberfence Temp Fence which is non-conductive and portable for use with mobile transformer units and for working on substations that have no fence. Its becoming very popular. We are a sole source product manaufacturer. All our pultruded fiberglass products are patented. Please look at the Media tab and see some short shop videos of some of our workers showing how to set up the temp fence. There is the original weighted one (most popular) and one that is Temp Fence Light. Both are available. Since I saw your message on here today as I was looking at website wanted to reach out to you. Thanks. Suzanne

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