Taupe – Weathered Wood Color

Woodgrain and Solid Brown

Solid Color Taupe with White Trim

Brown and Woodgrain_________Lifetime Warranty________


Our fiber decking is just right for all of your projects where you need outdoor resilience and beauty. FiberDeck® is durable, requires no maintenance, is easy to clean, and is non-conductive.

Never bother with maintaining your deck again. Enjoy the peace and tranquility you will get from the quiet aspect of this dense, premium pultruded fiberglass decking to grace your property. It will allow your family and visitors to enjoy activities outdoors without worry.

Benefits and Features of FiberDeck®:

Do not worry ever again that your deck needs staining or painting, that your deck has boards coming up and warping, or that your deck is warping because of strain, weight, or needs sealant.

FiberDeck® is:

  • made from 100% pultruded fiberglass which has the highly sustainable properties of Fiberfence
  • stronger than steel pound for pound
  • will not warp, rot, crack or peel
  • weatherproof, waterproof
  • chemical resistant
  • non-conductive.

You can mop it, clean it with bleach, and keep it shining beautiful day after day, year after year.

Your neighbors will be asking, “Where did you get that?”

fiberglass deck