Fiberfence is a fiberglass composite fencing product that’s manufactured using a pultruded process. This process produces a final product that is incredibly strong, virtually indestructible and totally maintenance free. This unique patented fencing product is UV protected, weatherproof, waterproof, bug/pest proof and will not rot, rust, fade, crack, peel, or warp.

Fiberfence offers the look of real steel or iron ornamental fence, wood privacy or ranch fence, and is available in a variety of custom colors and configurations. Additionally, F&F Composite has secured a patent pending powder coating for ornamental products – making it “King” among all other fence applications.

Fiberfence fencing products cannot be outperformed by any product and are unequaled in value. Recognized as an industry best, Fiberfence is installed and trusted by many municipalities and institutions nationwide including the U.S. Navy, U.S Airforce, FAA, and others.
Fiberfence offers a beautiful, lifetime, quality product that looks great and enhances property values wherever it is installed. As a Fiberfence owner, this is the last fence you will ever buy!


Pultrusion is a continuous manufacturing process utilized to make Fiberfence profiles, whereby various glass reinforcements such as roving are saturated with resin and guided through a heated die of over 400 degrees. Once in the die, the resin undergoes a curing process known as polymerization. The resin saturated products exit the die in a solid state and in the form of Ornamental, Privacy and Ranch Fiberfence products – with color manufactured throughout the product. The final product is cut, assembled, and shipped according to your specifications.


F&F Composite Group is a full-service fiberglass pultrusion manufacturer with corporate offices located in Keller, Texas. Our original products entered the marketplace over 20 years ago and has since become the industry standard; with unique, one of a kind, patented fence products being sold nationwide and in other countries.

We are among the few companies in the US that produce pultruded fiberglass products and the ONLY COMPANY in the world that produces 100% pultruded fiberglass fencing products designed for ornamental, privacy and ranch fencing applications.